being tired can be good.

whoa. this week has been long, and tiring. yet I have learned that working hard makes you feel good about yourself. it beats being lazy.

i worked 12 hours each day Monday through Wednesday. it beats down on your body, especially when you are outside in 90 to 100 degree weather.

on Tuesday, i had to take out garbages at my job. it was hot, they spilled, they stunk, and some were filled and didn’t have garbage bags. it was a dirty job, but it taught me, i am going to pick up for myself, and janitors don’t get enough respect.

this week has taught me that working my butt off is rewarding. i worked cleaning bathrooms, garbages at the USF complex and then at my internship shooting softball and baseball games as an intern. one i got paid for, the other i do so for college credit. yea, i wish i got paid shooting sports, but i love it and someday it will help me get a job, hopefully. i guess it is all about your attitude.

so, in the end, yes, i am exhausted from this week, but i am thankful for not giving up and keep plugging away each day! smile, clean up after yourself, say “thank you,” have a great attitude, and work hard!


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