life hurts.


have you asked or wondered why God does what he does and why he allows pain and heartache?

life really does hurt and the only way to know that it is going to be okay is trust God. someday, there will be no more pain, or suffering because Jesus will come back and take us to heaven to spend eternity with him. There will no tears, pain, nothing, just happiness!

in the meantime, though, we all ask, why God?

it’s been quite the summer for me. balance three jobs and still try to have fun. it’s going to be my senior year of college before i enter the real world. i liked a girl, and now she has a boyfriend. struggle with what God wants me to do and when i might meet a girl. then, just yesterday, my job at USF says we are going to  let you go. woah.

mainly, God has taught me to trust, to thank him for what he has blessed me with and what he will continue to do. for one, i know i couldn’t have gotten an internship without God. even, last night, when i found out i was let go, i went to do some wire pulling for the new media center at USF. i haven’t laughed that hard in long time. let’s just say that. i learned this summer that people that share the same passion as me get me and i really enjoy being around.

God is good and sometimes it just take a little pain to find that out. take heart my friends.



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