it’s been a long week.


it’s been a long week. it’s been one of those weeks where I’ve gotten the days mixed up.

the beginning of the week didn’t go the way i wanted it to when i got let go from being essentially a janitor at USF, but i guess that i have to trust God he has a better plan or better opportunities for me. maybe it’s that opportunity at ESPN 99.1 radio in Sioux Falls writing game stories, taking photographs for high school football and basketball games.

right now it’s all up to God and all i can do is trust, keep my head high and remain optimistic for the plan God has for me.

the rest of the week, i picked up a few shifts at Hy-Vee and this weekend hung out with some best friends from USF. my friends, sam, jordan and chase always seem to remind me to have a good time, and kick back and enjoy the moment. even while watching t.v., or having a beer at Chili’s, i always seem to laugh and love every second hanging out with them. thanks, guys.

today, i got to start my day off worshipping Jesus at church and was reminded not to just sit back and be a “casual” Christian, but to have a passionate relationship with Jesus and be a servant and disciple of Christ to others showing the grace of God. how encouraging.

i also got to hang out with my grandma and her new husband, (my grandpa died and she re-married, not sure how to say that), and had good time relishing memories and playing games. i also got to feel like an adult when i talked outside with my mom and neighbor. i felt like people care about me and what i have to say.

i guess if there is anything i learned from this week (and summer for that matter), is that no matter what comes through your life good or bad, trust God.


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