I’ve been really bad at this blogging thing, and I want to change that. Every week this month I have met with my mentor. We discuss goals, and he challenges me. I have got a new workout plan I am going to do, and I am reading a book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Highly encourage by the way.

So I have found a passion to write, and my mentor has me journal what we talk about every week. It’s been great. I want to share it  with you guys.

The first week was entitled, “live in the moment.” Who knows maybe someday I will write a book and these may be included. It’s all in God’s hands.

noticed. chapter 2.

Life is all about the journey. This summer has been hard work, especially putting in 14 hours at KDLT as an sports intern and not getting paid. However, I have learned, that’s alright. Let’s just say I love it, and it is about the experience. I hope that I am showing KDLT that I really enjoy working there, and that they see that I have a passion for sports journalism!

In fact, just today, I had gotten a call from the head sports director, and he wanted to tell me how much he has appreciated me being at KDLT and that my work is solid! Then, he had offered me the chance to continue working and the opportunity to work there as a production assistant and continue filming games. That’s a total God thing. God blessed me with this internship, and kept me plugging along putting in hard work and he gave me an opportunity! Thanks God!

While working at KDLT, I have often come home exhausted, but it’s a good feeling. The joy I have seen KDLT and with other journalists who share the same passion with me make me feel happy! Everyone loves their job, helps one another out and makes each other feel welcome at KDLT! I’m pretty sure I picked the right career!

When I am not working, this summer I have noticed that just sitting in quiet, going for a bike ride, reading a book, or shooting hoops helps and is essential to just sink in life. We all need down time. I’ve found a little bit of Jesus every time I do these things! God’s given me peace, showed me he loves me, and that he is with me. God is transformational and we every bit need  him in our daily lives! You can’t miss him.

A moment of joy becomes a memory forever. Donald Miller wrote that in a MMTY. I’ve found this after working in 100 degree heat pushing carts, or after taping and editing highlights after a long day, and then seeing them on television. It makes me feel accomplished, worthy, and helpful. My sports director at KDLT told me one night during my internship that I wasn’t just an intern any more, but a worker bee. My heart got warm because I was getting noticed.

This summer, I have really had to jump out of fear and discomfort because I got to experience a newsroom at KDLT and different opportunities. I actually wasn’t scared to talk to Danielle in Florida. She even told me to come back the next night on my vacation.  I felt warm in my heart and that someone actually noticed me this summer. I have to be willing to let my story be interesting and epic. I can do that when it is in God’s hands.

Lastly, God really does offer grace for those opportunities we miss. God wants us to live each day in the moment and to take each moment and be thankful. I know that I am learning, wow, I am blessed. God is working, and writing a powerful story into my life and I need to thank Him and let Him work. Sometimes, when I want answers, and they don’t come instantly, I just need to learn to trust God. That’s all.

I hope you were blessed by this. Share it with someone. get noticed!


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