cool fall nights.

welp. it’s been a long day. actually a long week. i’ve been up since 7:30 this morning when I decided to go for a run. it’s actually rewarding.

this week has been long, but really good. yesterday, I went to the “quad,” here on campus. it’s in the middle, and just sat outside and wrote. I enjoyed it. writing is a great way to express myself. I love it! then, last night, I did some homework, but a few friends, Dannika and Laura walked by and asked if i wanted to hang out. I did. I didn’t regret it. we drove around and laughed, and picked up my friend Jordan. then, we went back to the dorms and made a list of things. so funny. I love my friends!

so, today, I got up early, went running. it was cool out. felt like fall. I think fall is my favorite season. I got to shoot some adorable kids for a promo that will run on Saturday the USF football game. I like doing that! tonight, I edited my video and did my radio show. it’s called the love boat and is every Wednesday for 9 p.m to midnight. a few friends called in, and a man from San Francisco, CA called in. I know, from Cali to South Dakota. wierd. he went on air and shared the importance of loving one another. cool. listening to other people’s stories is neat and we can learn a lot from them. I think it’s needed. I hope my stories touch you.

so you may ask me why i am still up and i have class at 8:30 tomorrow morning? well, i just felt like writing. i am sitting by an open window on a fall night with a blanket smelling an fire in the distance. it’s peaceful. it’s wonderful.

take time out of your day to enjoy it and just sit. it’s worth it. trust me.


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