Behind the Black and White Words

Back when I was in first grade, my mom showed me how to read box scores in the sports page in the Argus Leader for the first time. In fact, the sports page was all I ever read.

I read the sports page young. Still one of my favorites things to do every morning!

Sometimes dogs go out and retrieve the newspaper in the morning, like in Air Bud. However, instead of a golden retriever, that was me. I would get out of bed before school, still in my pajamas, and race out the front door, down my front porch jumping steps, and into the driveway to find the newspaper rolled up with a rubber band holding it together waiting for it to be read. I would grab it even if it was wet from the morning dew or the morning rain, and run back up the stairs, through the front door, and into the kitchen. In fact, sometimes, when the sports page was soaking wet, I would get the blow dryer and dry it off so I could read it before I got on the bus.

I didn’t need coffee to get me ready for school; I needed the sports page. I needed to see who was winning the home run race in 1998 between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. I needed to see where in the standings the Twins, or the Packers were.

My mom had started a cycle. Every day until I graduated high school in the morning and when I come home from college now, I read the sports page.

As I got older, and especially now in college, I read the sports page, and read how other sports writers write. I read how they write their leads, how they use adjectives, verbs to describe a team’s big win or loss. Reading is how a writer finds his or her voice.

That is probably why I am a sports writer for my college newspaper, why I interned at a local television station last summer shooting sports games, or why I write a blog. Now, I am constantly writing, even it is just a journal of what I did that day.

Writing helps express me. There is so much more to me than what you see everyday. I have a story to tell. My life is a story. The average person has different ways of telling that story. For some it’s by speaking, and for some it’s by writing. Time goes by fast, and writing helps capture its best moments like a photographer catches that perfect picture.

When I write, I write about my day, what I did, what rocked, what sucked, what I learned, or what I wished I had done. I like to write about my best friends, about how God is working, and even about my future. For me, writing is more than writing between the blue lines on a piece of notebook paper, but a way of preserving the past. Writing is more than the black and white letters on a page. Writing is a time of reflection. A reflection of the memories from the time you were born, when you first crawled, walked, talked, went to school for the first time, graduated high school, went to college, met a special someone, and to the last thing you did the previous day, and moment. Writing expresses the person God brought into this world out your mother’s womb.

I know that I will never stop writing, not until the moment I breathe my last breath.


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