first and foremost, I am not overwhelmed in a bad way. I am overwhelmed in a good way.

my life has been pretty chill, sweet, and fun for the first month of my senior year of college.

here’s my new story.

tonight, I learned a lesson. So, my friend chase and I decided to go see what a friend was up to at a bar, but he didn’t have his ID, so we went to Wal-Mart to pick up some contact solution for him. We walked around the store, and eventually got up to the self-checkout line. As I was waiting for my friend to pay, a girl from the university of Idaho started to talk to me, and asked me about the sweatshirt I was wearing. We started talking, she asked about myself, and I asked about her. My friend was done, and I said have a great night. She smiled at me. I’m not going to lie, I felt really warm inside. I felt loved.

(Sometimes I see relationships all around me, and I want to have that girl to spend my life with! I want that love that a special someone offers!)

Back to the story.

I could tell this girl wanted to know about the University of Sioux Falls, or thought I was cute. She was really cute. She was tall, had curly brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and had one of the cutest smiles I have seen. I really liked her personality. She was brave, and I felt comfortable talking to her.

However, I didn’t take the next step. I wasn’t braver and didn’t ask for her phone number. I am kicking myself as I write this.

As I walked to doors, I said to chase, should I have gotten her phone number? He said yes. So, I walked down a bit, and was going to, but saw she was with a little girl. I almost did. But almost isn’t good enough. Then, when I got outside, I said, I am going to see if I can one more time get her phone number. Persistence pays off right?

By the time I got to end of opposite side of parking lot, she got in her car.

Bummer. I had missed an opportunity.

I think, though, I can look at this as a learning experience. As a confidence builder. A girl was interested in me. I showed interest in her. I needed to take the next step.

I am thankful for my friend chase for encouraging me. I know I have the best friends in the world. Someday, I will make them my groomsman in my wedding.

And, babe, if you are reading my blog, and happen to see this, I want you to listen to this song. I want to make this our song someday. Overwhelmed – Tim McMorris

I’m praying for her. For you babe. I am falling in love with you, even if we’ve met, or haven’t yet. 

And someday kids, I will tell you the story of how I met your mother. Someday. Seriously.



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