take a moment to just sit.

Sometimes I just like to tell stories about things that happened in my life. It is the little things in life like when people call me Tad and Tadly. I mean my name is Sam and I prefer that name, but whatevs. Nicknames are cool. I am also not just someone who religiously follows sports and is constantly watching ESPN. I don’t just like to blame the refs after they made the worst call in the world against the Seattle Seahawks that the Packers clearly should have won. Yes, I was a tad bit irate after that game. I don’t just like saying I look like my favorite basketball player in the world, Ricky Rubio. I like writing and wearing snapback hats. Especially my Cubs one.

For about a year I have met with a mentor and he has really taught me a lot. He helped me get a freelancing writing job at ESPN991.com, and an internship at KDLT that led to a job. He helped me break my fear of germs. He helped me come out of my shell. He helped me take a tad more risks. He helped realize that I am living life for a reason. I am thankful for my mentor. He helped me realize the importance of my family and friends and how important they are to the growth of my relationships. It is better to be surrounded with the people than being alone.

As I meet with my mentor, I journal about what I have learned. I want to share what I have learned and what has been on my heart lately.

Here we go.

I think that people often forget to see the beauty and truly enjoy every day in the journey we are on with God. (Yes, I can write about other stuff than sports). Often times we just get up and go to school, go to work, do our homework, watch television, and don’t appreciate every day we live. I think we get worn out by life. Life drags by and takes us with. It is scary. Seconds, minutes, days, years go by and we get to the point that we want to give up. We forget our purpose, our calling in life.

That makes me think that the dash between the day we were born and die isn’t truly lived. We get caught up in life’s busyness and stress and forget what life really means.

I think that when last week we had a few rainy and cool fall days, that  we need those days sometimes. We need those days to rest, recover, and think about our lives. We need a day to take a nap, to sit and read a book, jam out to some music, or have coffee with a best friend to catch-up on our lives to remember the little things in our lives.

Often times we like to live comfortably. We like to lounge around in sweatpants. Well I do. I like to lounge around in them and put my hoodie up on my sweatshirt. I usually do it to keep warm, but sometimes to just think about the world. To get away from life’s busyness and stress.

I think getting comfortable in the world can be good and bad. It can be bad because if we get too comfortable, we can escape conflict and once we do it once, it keeps happening. We forget to be grateful we are alive. We forget about that sunset on the horizon at night. We forget to ask our best friend, girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, brother or sister how their day was.

This brings me to a story about my life.

So, my friend Chase and I have a radio show on our college radio station. We call it the Love Boat. It’s on 94.5 KCFS radio and you can call in at 605.331.6696. It is Wednesday’s from 9 pm to midnight. (Just had to quick promote it).

Anyway, we take love shout-outs and just celebrate love. It’s all about love on the Love Boat! I love having a radio show with my friend Chase.

Some of the things we do on the radio, are for example, to get our first caller we told our listeners to call in and I would tell everyone my dream date for my future wife. It happened within seconds. First, you have to promise not to steal my dream date idea for my future wife. Alright? Okay, so, I want to take her on a spontaneous road trip. Just me and her, and the open road. How does that sound?

Another thing we did was to get 40 callers, Chase said if we did that I would tell my “crush,” on air. We we got 42. So, I had to. We let a few songs go, and then I had to. I did cop out. I instead said the girl I had a crush on freshman year of college. My apologies go out to the listeners. I got scared. More on this later.

That night, I just felt incredibly blessed that I get this opportunity to share and spread love. I get to hang out with one of my best friends and listen to people talk about love. I do believe love is contagious.

God has gave me some pretty neat opportunities at USF! I’m not going to lie that being a senior is scary and I don’t want to leave this place. In fact last night, I had a brief moment of the future flash before my eyes. I was scared. I have to live every moment I have left at USF to the fullest and I hope that I can stay in touch with all of my awesome friends I have met at USF! I know I will!

Back to the the original story. I got scared to share my crush on the radio. Looking back I wonder, woah, maybe if I would have that girl could have noticed me or heard me. I mean we all want to get noticed. Maybe she wanted to get noticed. Maybe I will share that next week on the show or tomorrow for that matter.

A prime example of getting noticed happened at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. Chase and I had gone to the store and we were in the checkout line when a girl came up to me and started talking to me. She noticed me. She saw my purple USF Under Armour sweatshirt and used that to start the conversation. She noticed me. We talked about USF and asked about her. I did forget to get her name and phone number, but I learned that through every experience I have to be be myself. I have to laugh, show I am interested and act like she might have been the one. I know that God has someone out there for me. Not to mention God has a special someone out there for us all.

The funny thing is that the other night I had a bro talk with one of my best friends, Sam, about relationships. We talked how much pressure there is to find a girl, and how waiting can be a good thing. We talked about how its important to not keep your friends out of your life and that I can talk to my best friends about anything. I think that’s really cool. I think that when you may be struggling with or bothered by something, you should be able to have those best friends to share with because they may know what you’re going through. We can learn from one another. I am thankful for the relationships I have made and grown at USF. Especially the ones with my best friends Sam, Jordan, and Chase and I hope I can hold onto them for the rest of my life. I hope everyone has those best friends they can go to. I believe that God and that your best friends, and family are vital for helping get you through life.

Next up, everyday we have a new story to live and we can choose to take someone with. Of course the first person we should take is God and then we should take our family and friends along for the ride. My family has been extremely important to me because back when I was in third grade my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was young and didn’t quite understand what was going on, but I knew I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my mommy. I didn’t like to see her in pain. I think the best part was when she was healthy enough that my dad, my brother, me and her got to go to Disney World in 2000. Now, I am a senior in college and that disease is gone. I am so glad God gave us the perseverance to beat cancer and that I can tell my mom I love her.

Also, something I didn’t really have until college were really good friends. I didn’t have someone to tell what rocked or what sucked. Now I can. I’m grateful. I have friends that won’t push me down, but will make me stronger. You’re best friends shouldn’t be someone to just watch football with. They should be people that you can be joyful around, dance, laugh, cry and be yourself around. Your friends get how you function. They know when you are having a good and bad day.

I have a lot of friends at USF and they are really good friends. I have friends that football players, baseball players, golfers, tracksters, soccer players, tennis players, basketball players, theatre actors and actresses, friends that share my passion of journalism, non-athletes, math, science, english, business majors, and many more. I am even blessed to know the coaches at USF. I feel like I am a member of a team at USF and I am not even an athlete.

I believe that when people notice me, I feel loved and when I feel loved I can show the love to the people around me. I just hope I can make someone laugh and smile everyday I see them!

Lastly, I think being single has its perks. It is hard seeing people get engaged and falling in love all around me. Being single gives you a chance to grow in God and in your relationships with your friends. Heck, I have been single all 21 years of my life. I have never gone on a date or kissed a girl. It sucks. I wish I wouldn’t be so shy. One of my best friends at USF told me that what you want isn’t always what God wants, and it just takes patience. That’s encouraging. In the last few months I have talked to girl in Wal-Mart and met Danielle in Florida.

I want to be passionate about my major, joyful every day I am awake, and fearless in the decisions that I make. I want to encourage people with a listening ear that is able to be reflective! God is most important, then others and then me. There is now way I am first. I am second in my life.

Cherish the opportunities, experiences, and people you meet in your life. If you do, you won’t regret it. Trust me. I hope that I encouraged you and that you know you are loved!


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