I took a big jump. I just hope I don’t fall face down.

I think that Wednesday nights are my favorite night of the week. Well, other than nights that USF beats Augie in football. Every Wednesday, I really just enjoy doing the Love Boat with my best friend Chase. I get to tell other people about love and the love that God gave me. It is precious. Love is precious.

I get on an high after doing this show. When everyone says good job, and that they listened, I get thankful. Part of me swells up inside. I am grateful that I get make someone’s night. Who know’s I might have done that tonight.

I have been really blessed in my life. God has gave me the best friends, and the best community to be around. I know that someday he will bless a very special girl in my life. I think I am taking the right direction. I hope and pray I am. I pray every night that God writes my love story, that he blesses that girl, and that girl knows she is loved by the king. The King of Universe, Jesus.

Lately, I don’t think I ever been this brave around girls my entire life. I have elementary, middle and high school, and college crushes, and now I am boosting my confidence. For me it is hard to tell if I am ready. I think that when Neil Armstrong said, “That is one small step for man, a giant for mankind,” that all it takes is one big step, one giant leap of faith, and your life can be changed. I think. I am not a philosopher.

I have met Danielle in Orlando, had a conversation with a random girl in Wal-Mart, and now tonight I said a girl that may have interest in over the radio. I took one big jump for the confidence of Sam Tastad. I am not going to lie my heart was pounding, my heart got butterflies, my face got red. I got scared, but this time I didn’t chicken out. I am kind of proud of myself. I am kind of scared still. I am scared for tomorrow because as soon as step out of my dorm room, I feel like things may be different. That may be good I guess.

I just kind of hope that girl was listening. Maybe she just wanted to be noticed. Don’t we all?

I think my biggest fear was rejection. In fact I think that is everyones. I just didn’t want that girl to be embarrassed if she was listening. At least I know that part of me is growing up tonight. I have certainly grown up from the little kid who used to pretend he was the manager of a baseball team in the backyard.

I just hope that you, God know what you are doing because I do not. I know you do. All my trust is completely in you. Your plan is greater than mine.

I want to know you better God, and I cannot wait to meet the most beautiful girl in the world you have in store in me.

I can tell you this, I got that one thing that is bigger than anything else, and I am not going to stop smiling, laughing, loving, and caring. Ever.


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