Life moves by fast. Either sit back and wait or do something.

This semester has been fast, and it’s my last semester of college. I’ve enjoyed every moment, but wished it would slow down. Four years of college go by so fast, and it seems like just yesterday I was living in a freshman dorm — Burgess.

It’s like this: life goes by fast, and you can either sit back and wait or do something. It’s tough, but we have to do something. We have to constantly keep doing things to be better Christians, and to get better at our craft.

I’m 22 now, and on the verge of going into the real world. That’s scary. I don’t know what to think. It’s been weird making my resume, and cover letter and sending it out to jobs. Some jobs that I haven’t heard back from. It can be frustrating. We all have that “dream job,” and want to start off making the big bucks, but unfortunately most of us will have to start at bottom. For me, that’s especially tough. I want to work at ESPN. Well, unfortunately, I’ll have to start at the bottom. Probably at a small T.V. station, newspaper. It’ll be worth it, though.

That’s why right now, I’m just lucky to have had a lot of experience in the journalism field, and to have met some incredible journalists.

I’m been blessed to work as an intern and now part-time as a sports videographer for KDLT-News. In fact, just yesterday I was working and was sitting in the newsroom and talking to my colleagues. They are cool people and I can’t wait to work with people that share the same passion as me. I am glad they noticed me.

I also love the opportunity to write professionally for and get paid to do so. It’s a great way to get my foot in the door. I mean everyday I can write a sports article, and see it published. That’s awfully neat.

I can’t thank my God enough for all these opportunities because without Him I’d be lost. I’ve seen God work in my life a lot in my life and it hasn’t been since 2013 that I feel like I know what God is doing in my life. I have finally started to see what he has planned for me. It’s awesome.

At the same time, though, God’s not done with me, and I have a lot to learn. There’s still big steps in my life. Like graduating college, finding a job after college, finding a place to live, finding a girl, and moving on.

That’s the tough thing. I wake up each day and wonder what he has planned. Right now I feel stuck. I’ve contacted a place about two jobs. I’ve called them three of four times. I’m getting frustrated. I’m stuck.

I also wonder each day as I look around and see relationships everywhere. I wonder what I’m doing wrong or is it because God hasn’t brought her along for me?

In the meantime, though, I know I just have to keep trusting God because he knows what he is doing.

There’s things I want and ask God to do each day. I get impatient and start asking him, “God, are you there?” I want God to audibly speak to me, and say, “Yes, Sam, I am, here’s your answer.” But I know that I have to be patient and that God will work things out for his good. God knows what he is doing. God will open doors, and opportunities.

The biggest thing I want from God right now is for to show me jobs to apply for, or bless me with a girl. These are the hardest. I think though that I have wrong mindset right now. I am wanting and asking God to work, but not doing my part. I need to be patient and to be grateful for what he’s given me. Or maybe it’s something I am missing. I think God is doing something, and teaching me to be patient, thankful, and to trust again. That’s going to be my daily prayer. I am going to ask God to give me a heart to love, a heart that doesn’t give up.

I can’t sit around and do nothing. God’s got a plan for me. and you.



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