carry on.

Today, three things happened. It was these three little things that turned into three eye-openings for me.

First, I must say that I love writing. I love sports. I love writing about sports. This piece, however, reflects what I believe and what I want to be known as a journalist. I’m not the type of guy that shows emotions, or wears them on his sleeves. I don’t usually tell them to others, but I instead write them. Here is my heart.

The first little thing I saw today began this morning at church, at the Ransom. I knew that it was going to be awesome because the worship made me feel God in that place. We sang this song, “Revelation Song,” and the lyrics sunk in.

“Filled with wonder. Awestruck wonder. At the mention of Your name. Jesus your name is power. Breath and Living water. Such a marvelous mystery. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. Who was, and is, and is still to come.”

Wow. God could be felt and I knew that God was moving. God moves in these mysterious ways, but in powerful ways. Ways we don’t understand. Ways that make us wonder his plan, but I know that a God so powerful wouldn’t let me down. He never has, and never will.

I know God’s ways are hard to understand, but at the same time, I know God has a plan for me.

For one of first times, I thought I was clearly beginning to see what God’s plan for me was, and it had all started in the beginning of 2013. It started off as one of the best years. I was having a good last semester, I had the best friends, I had two opportunities in the media field – one at KDLT-News shooting sports and the other writing sports for ESPN 99.1.

But then I graduated. It was exciting, but frustrated. However, life isn’t supposed to be good, right?

And as life became frustrated, I freaked a little. I freaked everyday whether I really showed it on the outside or inside because I like to cover things up. I guess I don’t know why I don’t tell people how I really feel.

I freaked because I couldn’t find a full time gig and I didn’t know why? I doubted. I questioned. I was stuck. I kept freaking out daily.

But in the meantime, I was learning to use my doubts, and questions as opportunities to grow, to get better and to meet new people. For example, I met an Argus Leader sports writer, I was shadowing reporters, or got a new opportunity to write “Game of Week,” articles for ESPN 99.1.

Little by little God was working, I had just not seen it. That bothered me because I wanted results. I wanted an audible voice from God to say, “Sam, I have this job for you.” Realistically, it doesn’t work that way, and it takes patience.

That’s where the message today from the Ransom comes in. The message was how Jacob wrestled with God, and with life we all wrestle with God. The key to the message was am I letting my wrestling with God lead to blessing? Am I wanting MORE of God, and being dependent on God? I needed to break the popsicle sticks, and break down to God to say, “Break me.”I needed to grab hold of the God who created me, and let him work. That needs to be my prayer every day.

The second little thing has to do more with sports. I was watching SportsCenter Featured piece called, “Carry On.”

You can watch it here: It was a story told by Tom Rinaldi and former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn about the story of Dartanyon Crockett, and Leroy Sutton. The video showed how Fenn, Crockett, and Sutton formed a family and how they altered each other’s lives.


Fenn showed how you can’t count these men out and that they let their goals be greater and did anything and everything to chase them.

While watching this video, I realized I want to be a journalist that tells stories, and stories that tell people not give up. I want to be a journalist, a person that you can count on to carry on to bring good, beauty from pain, light from darkness, and truth from lies.

I will do anything to help people succeed and chase their dreams. I love listening and telling people’s stories. That’s why I became a journalist.

The third little thing happened tonight. It stormed and rained and after the storm, I went for a bike ride. There was a sunset in the distance and I rode so could see it nice and clear. I love sunsets. Sunsets give me so much joy and because of them, I know my God is so much bigger than my problems and that he creates beauty out of storms.

Because of these three little things, I know the little things matter, and that God puts even the little things to make a difference in our lives. The little things often make us see what really is important.

I want to carry on an attitude that is the same as my God, that puts others above myself, and attitude that wants to be passionate in what I believe and in my job – journalism.

As a journalist, I want to win listeners, viewers, and readers with honest, truthful, and compelling stories that are intriguing and show a passion.

Now, help me carry on, and never lose hope.


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