Unicorns, Show Ponies, and Where’s the Beef?!?!

Everyone has probably seen the radio call from New England Patriots radio announcer Scott Zolak by now, but why should you keep watching it?

Because it was that good. Just listen.



I mean, how brilliant is this:

“BRADY’S BACK! That’s your quarterback.! Who left the building? Unicorns, show ponies, where’s the beef?! Boy, when you thought you’ve seen it all, when it’s total despair, 14 years in the league, this situation after situation he’s been through, to elevate a rookie. My god.”

It was so good that someone made the call into the Techmo Bowl.

That being said, if you couldn’t tell, this video is awesome, and I love it.

I hope you enjoy it, again. UNICORNS, SHOW PONIES AND WHERE’S THE BEEF?!?!


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