God taught me a lesson with a summer cold, & bad sunburn

I feel miserable tonight, suffering from a summer cold and bad sunburn.

It feels like the the weekend. I worked 42 hours from Wednesday to Sunday. It’s my Saturday. And it’s Monday.

I don’t have a hard job. I go to sports games, and set up a camera, and tripod. I press record, and zoom in on the pitcher. I wait for he or she to deliver, and then wind up, and throw to home plate. Strikeouts are nice, but a towering home run over the left field fence in extra innings of a 16U softball game is exhilarating.

It kind of sums up my life. I love sports. & I love metaphors and bad puns. (If you keep reading, I hope you enjoy them).

My story isn’t on pause. It’s recording every moment of each day I’m alive. I have God to thank for that.

To be honest, I’m still trying to hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth. I’m stepping into the batter’s box. Digging my feet deep into the dirt. Patiently waiting for a fastball to fly down the middle of the plate to whack over the center field wall. Then, to get mobbed by my teammates (family, and friends) after I circle around the bases.


In real life terms, I’ve gained a ton of writing, and video experience. I’ve learned a lot from my bosses. I’m trying to write descriptively, actively, and appealing to the reader. I’m trying to capture that home run in the bottom of the ninth (I did!). I think, though, I’ve gotten comfortable at these jobs because I know that they will be there. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but I need to throw the red flag and challenge myself. The media market is hard to get into, and may be a small market is what I need.

For example, if you didn’t know, back in February, I was offered a reporting job at a newspaper in Sydney, Nebraska. It’s a town of about 6,000 or so. It’s in Western Nebraska. I mulled. I prayed. I talked to my closest friends and family. And when I had to make a decision, I said no. Why? It was far away. I didn’t know anyone there. It was a new place. I got scared. But now, I think maybe I should have went. I don’t know. Or was it possibly God telling me, ‘Sam, are you afraid to get out of the boat? When will you walk on the water?’ Or ‘Sam, I called Samuel three times before he got up and obeyed. How can I get your attention?’

I think both of them did. Now, almost six months later, I’m ready. It may have taken a few lessons, but it’s time to stop being scared. I need to take risks. I’m an introvert, yes. Should I let that stop me? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I can act like an extrovert.

I’m 23. In fact, I’m almost 23 and a half in a few weeks. I don’t know when Jesus will come back, but I can’t sit around. I need to go around and put my faith into action. My faith has always been my strongest attribute. God’s always been my side. My parents have always 100% supported me. My friends got my back.

I can always, wherever I’m at, say, ‘Daddy, God, what’s up? Want to talk?’ I can always go home or call my mom or dad. I can talk to my friends wherever; in my living room, at the pool, out to eat, on bike rides, or downtown Sioux Falls.

I have a great support system, but I think I just get too comfortable. My pastor preached last Sunday about treating the Holy Spirit like a house guest. I think I do that. I don’t always realize that the Holy Spirit is God working in me (even when I don’t see or feel him). So, SPIRIT CONSUME ME. ALL OF ME. BREAK MY HEART FOR BREAKS YOURS. IT’S NOT MY WILL, BUT YOURS. FALL ON ME. LEAD ME WHERE MY TRUST IS WITHOUT BORDERS. LET ME WALK ON WATERS WHEREVER YOU CALL ME.

If there’s an opportunity that will grow me, or a person I should meet, help me not be afraid. God, you know my potential. I want to do great things and I can only do great things with you.

The count is 3-2, I’m ready to swing at the next fastball you give me. I’ll swing for the fences, and if I strikeout once, I will walk back up next time.

Failure isn’t an option. Risk the ocean. Be brave. Have 20 seconds of courage every day. Lean on God’s grace.

Thanks God for teaching me a lesson tonight, even if it took a summer cold and a bad sunburn.





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