give me more of Jesus this Christmas

Like any given Sunday night, I’m watching football.

The Patriots are playing the Chargers. I watched the game while sitting in the dark.

Actually there’s a few things on my mind. During week, I covered some high school basketball games. I realized how much I missed those days. And how life goes by so fast. Every year I get older, the days seem like they go by faster. I’m 23 now. Almost 24.

God’s blessed me a lot over the years. I graduated high school and college. Now I have a full-time job writing sports for a newspaper.

With Christmas and the New Year approaching, my heart is full of thankfulness. In 2014, God taught me a lot & more to come in next few weeks about all He’s done :).

Second, as I reflect on Christ coming, I’ve been reading the Gospels and Jesus coming again. Two things stick out to me in Luke 1. First, how God blessed Zechariah and Elizabeth with a son after being barren. God said in verse 37: ‘For nothing is impossible with God.’

I feel like this was me in the last year. I worked part-time for a year after graduating college and then God blessed me with a full-time job. He taught me that he will bless you in his timing.

Two, Mary’s response pierced my heart. An angel told Mary to not be afraid and that the angel will be with her. In verse 38, Mary said: ‘I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.’

Then again in Mary’s song in verse 46: ‘My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.’

I love how Mary responded, trusted, and worshipped God.

God is good. So good. He works in mysterious ways, and is always worthy of our trust. I love you God. This Christmas, let my focus be on you, Lord. Help me invest my heart in You and in people rather than world, money and gifts.

After all, the world’s opinion doesn’t matter. I was talking to a friend about insecurities. God’s approval is all that is important. He looks at the heart. God, help me store up treasures in heaven as I prepare for your Son to come again. And thank you that your Son is the greatest gift I’ve ever received.

Love, Sam.



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