Twas the night before Christmas: 2016 Sports Edition

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Not even a Buckeye.

The crystal ball was hung. By the sideline with care in hopes that Urban or Mariota soon would be there.

The Buckeyes and Ducks were nestled all safe in their beds with visions of a championship danced in their heads

Cardale was the third best but shined the brightest. Zeke ran wild in his crop top. And made the Ducks a quack.


And mom in her kerchief. And I in my cap just settled down for a long winters nap.

When out on the lawn. There arose such a clatter. I sprang from my bed. To see what was the matter

Marshawn didn’t get the ball at the one. and Butler saved the day. Brady won his fourth ring. Cheaters or not, the Pats were the best.


Away to the window. I flew like a flash. Tore open the shutters. And threw up the sash

The Lombardi on the breast. Of the new fallen champs. Gave the lustre. Of midday. To object below

when what to my wandering eyes should appear but a huge Wells Report.

Did the Patriots cheat? Are Tom’s balls clean?


With a little ol driver. So lively and quick. I knew in a moment. It must be Goodell.

More rapid than eagles. His curses they came. And he whistled. And shouted. And called them by name

Now Robert.

Now Bill.

Now Tom.

Now John.

Now Jim.

To the top of the porch. To the top of the court. Now dash away. Dash away all

March came in like a lamb but out like a Blue Devil. Duke reigned supreme. And Bucky fell short under Bo’s last stand.

A new Jordan rose to fame. not MJ, but Speith. The Masters was the start. Golf’s got its golden boy back

Mayweather-Pac was supposed to be the best, To give boxing a name again. But it was more of a snooze fest. Floyd got the win just like it had been

So up to the housetop. The court. They flew. With a playbook full of tricks. And Steph Curry too

And then in a twinkling. I heard in Game 6. The cheers. The roars for Steph and little Riley.

Curry was ridiculous, Riley was the cutest Wayyyy up, she felt blessed.The Warriors took down Lebron.


As I drew in my head. And was turning around down the chimney, Lord Stanley came with a bound.

He was dressed. All in red and black. From his head to his footAnd his clothes were all tarnished with beer and champagne.

The Blackhawks won once more. Duncan’s smile wasn’t pretty,It didn’t get sore though. Chicago was the best hockey city

The Cubs made a run too. But the Mets and Murphy outslugged them. KC went back to the World Series. And won, making it a blue October for first time since ’85

2015 was also the year of the woman. Serena almost completed a slam. She’s still got it at age 33. And the best in the world and Sportsperson of the Year, too

The U.S women won the World Cup. Abby went out on top. Carli scored not once, but three times. She made young girls want to kick it like her

Rousey was a badass. She packed a punch that ended three fights in 130 seconds. But Ronda proved to be human too when Holly knocked her out. Still Rousey showed how to fight like a girl.

This year was great and it’s not over yet. There’s still bowls and games to be played. Sit back, enjoy it with your family and friends

Look ahead to the next year

What’s it going to bring?

Super Bowl 50. The Summer Olympics in Rio. And a Ronda and Holm rematch are on the horizon

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. And to all a good night.


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