About Sam!

hey! I’m stoked you visited Sammyland! My name is Sam Tastad, (@samtastad on Twitter), and love to write about sports, faith, and life! I hope you enjoy!

I live in Sioux Falls, and work some part-time gigs. I work at KDLT News, ESPN 99.1, and the Sanford Pentagon. I’ve got to do some pretty cool stuff at age 23 already, but am learning I have to work myself up in the media business! I’ve filmed a Minnesota Timberwolves/Milwaukee Bucks exhibition game, Wisconsin/St. John’s college basketball game, been to Minnesota Vikings training camp, interviewed Chad Greenway twice, Mike Miller, Christian Laettner, and Terrell Davis! Not too shabby!

I love my job, and if you want to read more of my sports stuff, check out my bio at ESPN 99.1: http://espn991.com/author/samtastad/

My media portfolio is: http://samtastaddotcom1.wordpress.com/

Anyhow, hit me up on Twitter or email me at tastadsam@gmail.com if you have any cool stories you would like me to write about!




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